Yvette Heiser – How To Be The Best Second Shooter

Starting as a wedding photographer generally entails working as a second shooter with more experienced photographers. The second shoot provides an excellent entry point into the exciting world of wedding photography. It allows you to hone your skills while also making contacts with other photographers. The collaborative aspect of second shooting potentially leading to repeat opportunities and referrals. Here are some crucial suggestions to help you stand out and wow your lead photographer!

Yvette Heiser - How To Be The Best Second Shooter
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Understand Your Role

First and foremost, understand your position as a second shooter. You are there to help the main photographer, not to overshadow them. Your primary purpose is to capture additional images that complement the main photographer’s vision. Familiarize yourself with the principal photographer’s style and preferences with the help of “Yvette Heiser – The Role of Second Shooters in Wedding Photography” video. 

Add Variety 

It is important not to repeat the photos your lead photographer is taking. Your role is to bring diversity to the client’s collection. If your lead is focused on the pair, take a step back to get a wider perspective. If your lead is shooting from the front, try out alternative angles. Don’t be afraid to ask, ‘What aspects would you like me to emphasize throughout the ceremony, family photos, couple portraits, bridal party, and reception?’ There may be situations when your lead prefers you to help with coordination rather than shooting. So, talk with your lead photographer before participating in the photo session.

Help Lead Photographer 

You can help in a variety of ways other than shooting photos. This involves transporting baggage, equipment, or lights, finding missing family members, and keeping the primary photographer hydrated. Second shooters who go above and beyond are genuinely outstanding. For instance, someone notices the lead photographer arranging chairs to take a family photo and jumps in to help rather than merely observe from a distance. Being proactive and assisting in numerous shoot elements distinguishes excellent second shooters.

Follow the Rules 

Whether you like it or not, you need to follow the rules of the lead photographer. If they prefer you not to use the images you capture or refrain from blogging about the wedding, it is crucial to respect their wishes. Crossing these boundaries can lead to strained relationships and burned bridges. Prioritize maintaining positive connections within the industry. By impressing the lead photographer with your professionalism and cooperation, you may earn referrals for future clients.


Maintaining a high degree of professionalism is crucial for establishing trust and confidence as a second shooter. Dress appropriately for the event, come on time, and be polite and kind to clients, guests, and fellow vendors. Respect the main photographer’s creative direction and avoid any actions that could undermine their authority. Remember, your professionalism reflects not only on yourself but also on the entire photography team.

Final words

By reading “Yvette Heiser — Handy Tips for The Perfect Photography Mini Session,” you can take the Perfect Photography at Wedding. Working as a second shooter in the wedding, you can accept the opportunity to learn from expert photographers and constantly improve your skills.

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