Yvette Heiser – Talks about developing a personal photography style

It is common for some people to have preconceived notions about how their work should appear before they even begin the process of learning photography. They want to be able to perform similar work because they respect and look at the work done by photographers. 

Even while this is an important stage of learning, the best photographers all eventually take different paths, and it’s important to consider this from a creative standpoint. After knowing the basic of basics of photography, as mentioned in Yvette Heiser Texas – The Art of Seeing: Mastering the Basics of Photographythe next thing you have to do is to develop a personal style. So, here are some tips to develop unique styles in photography:

The subject matter

A person who is developing a style or already has a style usually sticks to one subject matter, such as waterfalls, mountains, or the night sky. It is what they want to take pictures of, and they usually just do that. Most photographers have a few favorite subjects to capture on camera, yet others can be a bit harsh on themselves. 

It does not follow that all of the photos will adhere to the same aesthetic. Stay true to a few subjects you enjoy taking pictures of and do it frequently. Gaining experience will allow you to start experimenting. As you gain more experience in taking photos, this will lead to more creative approaches.

Don’t always look for recognition.

Feeling obligated to satisfy everyone’s interests is a common emotion. Obviously, you want your work to be enjoyed by a wide audience but try not to focus on it too soon. 

Taking pictures with the intention of gaining likes is not necessary. Get feedback and learn what other people think of your work, but your primary goal should be to make something that you are personally invested in. 


Your photographic intuition will become clearer once you have settled on a topic you love to shoot and are comfortable with the tools. This is where your thoughts will be directed when you are still unsure about your subject and camera.  

You will find the right way through your intuition if you look for it in a calm manner. Develop a focus on the subject area of your photography. Mix patience, commitment, and good camera abilities. 

Take some technical risks.

Try as many different approaches as you can make. Take pictures in low light, try taking blurry images, or make strange, unbalanced compositions. Create visuals that are either bright or dark. Accept uncertainty and imperfections. 

Not everything needs to be beautiful. Aim with greater spontaneity and trust your instincts. Visit places you might not have otherwise explored, and take pictures.  

Final thoughts Try new things out and experiment it because you never know where it will end. If you are a wedding photographer, then follow the tips given in Yvette Heiser Texas – The Importance of Professional Wedding Photographers to get new ideas. Remember that you should also follow your own path, and ultimately, people will follow suit.

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